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tonight. on the right, a layer of fog in san francisco. jeff ranieri is tracking everything. >> quite a few changes considering that storm system is pushing off towards the south. while the radar appears to be dry, we are tracking a few areas of drizzle. here is how it looks in the fog future cast. as we head into 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 in the morning, we'll zoom down to the south and east bays, and you see the areas of gray. we expect ground fog to develop. it will likely continue through 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning. then gradually we will get clearing and also some sunshine. speaking of which, big-time changes for this and with. we'll let you know how warm the temperatures will get. >> thank you, jeff. >>> true confessions of dangerous social media trend. it's supposed to be a place to turn for help, but a threat posted on one page has parents and students concerned about violence on campus tomorrow. so should they take that confession seriously or consider it a hoax? terry mcsween is joining us live. terry? >> reporter: i can tell you that the police department is telling me they're
out of her san francisco performance. nbc bay area joins us in san francisco with the details. >> reporter: the staff here at yoshi's say michelle shocked had to pull the plug on michelle shocked show and it's the first time they've ever pulled a plug only a show. they say she's not welcomed back here and will not be getting paid after she stood on the stage and delivered a hate speech. ♪ there must be 50 different i. ways to loathe your loverer ♪ >> a fan posted this video on youtube. the singer song writer is at an occupy wall street rally singing out against banks. tonight, people around the world are speaking out against michelle shock. yoshi pulled the plug on the 51-year-old's show last night when she launched into a hateful homofo homophobic rant. ingly. >> yeah, you heard me right. >> lisa says the stunned audience reacted quick quickly. >> shouts from the audience members, please, stop. >> staff did their best to quickly silence the hate. >> turn on the lights. turn off the microphone and please get her off the stage. this cannot happen anywhere, especially in thi
was the first deadly attack involving a big cat in california since that deadly mauling at the san francisco zoo back in 2007. today's attack was at an animal sanctuary in dunlap, about 45 miles east of fresno. >> it happened here at a place called cat haven. a private, wildlife sanctuary. the founder says at about noon today, the park's intern went inside the lion enclosure. she was confronted by a four-year-old lion named co cous cous. >> the intern entered the lion's enkwlez sure where she was attacked and fatally injured. >> when my deputies arrived on scene, the victim was still in the enclosure. >> deputies say the lion refused to let them near the victim. so they had to kill it. when they fieull-timely got to hanson, she was dead. fish and wildlife officials are trying to determine why she was inside the cage in the first place. we will have our forensics lab look at the animal. >> the facility has the proper state license to care for exotic animals and that this is the first attack in the park's 20-year history. but he also says he has a good idea of what went wrong. >> they're lions. th
to the election of the new pope. can you find a link at the top of our home page. >>> san francisco's top elected officials gathered at city hall today to denounce a new theory that anti-muslim ads were found on muny. they equate being muslim with being violent jihadists. the ads are protected by freedom of speech, they're still damaging to the city's reputation. >> there's no place in san francisco for bigotry and racism. public safety depends on all of us working together to protect one another. our muslim and arab neighbors are co-workers, family members, they deserve no less. >> the board of supervisors will take up resolution against the ads tomorrow night. the american freedom defense initiative has been identified as a hate group by organizations that fight discrimination. >>> now to a story you'll see only on nbc's bay area. a solar powered flight that can fly day or night. >> reporter: you're looking at the future of flight. no power needed except what the plane gathers from the sun. it's called solar impulse. and it's being worked on here in the bay area. inside a giant hangar at mop et
depositions show a great deal of restraint. live in san francisco tonight, monte frances, nbc bay area news. >>> it was this wild high speed chase on city streets that led officers to fire on a suspect in san jose. the chase began around 2:30 yesterday afternoon and despite speeds of up to 100 miles an hour, no officer or bystander was hurt. the spokesman said the suspect's identity may be released tomorrow. >>> among the many tributes to the two police officers killed in santa cruz last week there was one particularly personal gift. anonymous soldier left a teddy bear with a purple heart and a note reading, the purple heart is for the sacrifice above and beyond the call of duty. soldiers who are killed or wounded in service are awarded purple heart medals. deputy chief steve clark says the family of butch baker and elizabeth butler and everyone on the force was touched and honored. >> just blown away. a number of them military and so they understand the significance of not only earning this medal but the significance of giving it as a gift. >> the memorial outside the santa cruz police dep
be in the silicon valley. nbc bay area cheryl hurd joins us from san francisco this evening where the families met with influential investors. cheryl. >> reporter: that's right, roj. silicon valley came here to san francisco to meet with victims of the sandy hook shooting. even though they are still in tremendous pain, they are determined to come up with answers to a huge problem. >> the sad fact of the matter is, the sandy hook incident got all of our attention as a national community. but unfortunately, these incidents are taking place every five minutes, every day. >> reporter: newark-based shot spotter uses technology to help police point where gunfire happens so police can respond faster to crime. innovations like this is what venture capitalists in silicon valley are looking for to help reduce crime. >> it's gratifying to know that after all the hard work we have put in, there is a national conversation going on about gun violence. >> reporter: that conversation took place in san francisco with members of the sandy hook promise. three families of the sandy hook elementary school shootings ar
in gilroy, and 79 in livermore. and 67 in san francisco, from fog that was up against the immediate coast. right now temperatures are cooler, there is fog developing in san francisco up to navato, and we did have again, very warm temperatures. let's get you outside to the live high definition camera, in san francisco, not a lot of fog, but a sliver making it into the downtown bridge. and the north bay, also for the peninsula tomorrow. the storm track is out here. it is very frustrating. we need that rain. we have had just about two inches. that is it for all of 2013. we're really seeing drought conditions and the jet stream is poised right up into washington, where most of the rainfall will be. we've seen the pattern for the last two to five months, offshore, if you want it sunny and hazy, we'll get that in the next couple of days, and shorts weather mixed in. not bad, the pollen and haze out there. you can get outside and enjoy it, mainly 70s for the east bay, south bay and north bay. at the coastline, 50s, 60s, as we head throughout thursday we'll later get slight cooling. but here is t
a fund-raiser in san francisco with house minority leader nancy pelosi on april 3rd. he's also scheduled to attend two democratic fund-raisers in atherton the following day, a lunch at the home of john goldman, part of the levi strauss family, and a brunch. >>> two employees at the popular music venue ash kens that have been upgraded to stable condition after being shot during a robbery. the music and dance center is near the corner of san pablo avenue and gillman street in berkeley. investigators say two men came in about midnight and demanded cash. two employees were shot. an employee said ashkenaz may have been targeted because of an increase in events to celebrate the nonprofit's 40th anniversary. >> as maybe more people have been coming into the space, they see the money. and we're pretty casual here because we're community-run. we don't -- no one feels a sense of needing to police anybody too much. maybe people who come, they just see there's a lot of people and they just think it's a club like any other mace. >> one suspect is behind bars, the other has not been caught. >>> more t
in jelani jail and be fined $50,000 when sentenced. >>> a major announcement from the san francisco symphony, currently on strike. >>> hundreds of thousands of people gathered a at the vatican to witness history. what pope francis did at his first blessing that made an impression. >>> plus two, inmates escape from jail without hopping the fence. it's a story straight out of a movie. >>> a point that hasn't been reached for more than five years, and the big drop the bay area is seeing. >>> be seeing a drop in temperatures as we get back to the workweek as clouds start to fill in tomorrow morn. temperatures mostly in the 40, and look for an increasing chance of rain. welcome rain for most places as we get through the first half of the week of the storm you see there on the left. we'll walk you through the typing when we come right back. >>> just in, vice president joe biden arrived at a military airport near rome tonight. the vice president is a practicing catholic and will lead the u.s. delegation to the pope's inauguration mass on tuesday. the german chancellor and spain's prime minister are
to an overnight shooting that left a man from san francisco dead. police say the victim was driving an aston martin in the old town neighborhood at 3:00 this morning when someone in another car shot at him. the victim drove a few more block where's he apparently got out of the car and collapsed. that's a dpu few blocks from the oakland police headquarters. >>> people in the coastal town of santa cruz are paying tribute to the officers killed in the line of duty last week. people signed up for an 18-mile memorial bike ride. in a community still reeling from the killings it's one of the many local tributes to honor baker and butler. >> everybody came together for, you know, for one reason and it's to honor those who serve and those who have been lost, you know, while serving. >> one of the things that as a community we need to do is show our appreciation and this is a great way to bring people together. in order to do that -- >> a giant card in honor of the fallen officers was on display at the starting point. >>> new details on the victims of a horrific car crash in daly city. three people ar
to the bunky clinic in san francisco where surgeons there reattached his fipger using a skin graft from his wrist. >> pretty amazing. six months later, he can feel his finger. he can type on his laptop and even play the piano. >> the san francisco city attorney is joining the call to regulate caffeine levels. a group of 18 doctors from around the country say energy drinks especially for younger drinkers. they say energy drinks should have no more caffeine than soda and that the caffeine content should be listed on all labels. >> there was singing and dancing in the rain tonight. a big party at at&t park for the baseball champions. but we're not talking about the giants. >> no, the dominican republic wins the world baseball classic. >> hey, thank you so much. an emotional 3-0 win in the final over puerto rico. and the dominican republic becomes the only team ever in the third baseball classic. former jients and oakland a infielder a part of the dominican effort. very gracious and taking silver with fredericko. >> this is awesome. no comparison. this is the best i've ever had. >> so the field
's new home. san francisco giants are fighting the move claiming territorial rights, which means wolf would need to convince 75% of major league baseball team owners to support the team moving to san jose. >> a lot of screaming and cheering tonight in san jose. march madness kicked off in a big way. not just for the thousands of fans in hp pavilion, but for the cal basketball team. the golden bears kick off a big upset. >> best night ever. >> that about sums it up. take a look. all of the blue and gold inside the arena. the game came down in the final seconds. and in the end, 12th seeded cal beats fifth seed unlv. >> so glad we were able to be in the tournament. the last two minutes, which were the most excruciating minutes ever. >> top team, though. >> we'll take it. >> cal advances to the second round on saturday. round one is over, now comes the real hard part, round two. . >> reporter: yeah, the fans are happy. a lot of good fist pumping in san jose. yeah, the magic has arrived. they got to play a team they almost beat earlier this season. and they got to do it 45 miles from campu
. >>> thanks very much. >>> early this morning daly city police killed a suspect in san francisco. it began with a stolen car chase. during the chase, the driver and his passengers jumped out moving car on bayshore boulevard. the passenger immediately surrendered, when officers caused up with the suspect, he allegedly raised that gun, a officer fired killing the suspect. >>> a shocker in santa cruz, where a man has been arrested for stealing a bouquet of flowers from the memorial for two slain officers. 53-year-old kenneth mcfay is caughted with vandalism and public intoxication after a woman told police she saw a man steal the bouquet from in front of the police department and leave in a taxi. officers stopped the taxi and no explanation to where he had gotten the flowers. this happened yesterday, the first day back on the job for santa cruz police officers following tuesday's killing of sergeant bush baker and detective elizabeth butler. >>> new information tonight on why the man who killed the officers didn't have his name in the criminal records. federal law prevents people in prison fo
in the trivalley away from some of the influence of the koeszal, marine air. >>> not quiet 70s in san francisco. if you're downtown, it will probably feel like it. 70 in santa rosa. here's the thing to notice. most of our temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. but there's going to be one spot where you're sheltered from that cooler marine air. temperatures in the upper of 60s and sunny skies. we stay dry all the way through monday. then we do have some rape coming. by wednesday and thursday, a chance of showers. right now, the best possibility of accumulating rain. neighbor a quarter inch. still a ways out. i'll take care of all of that stuff when i get back to work on monday and we'll hash it out then. >> we've got the weekend in just a few minutes. >> coming up, the fans aren't the only ones losing out. the san francisco company strike is costing some other people some big bucks. >>> another chance to turn in guns for cash this weekend. santa clara county is hosting its second gun buyback event. people are encouraged to bring in unloaded handguns, rifles and assault weapons. the event run
there to be a civil debate. in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >>> new details tonight. two of the marines involved in a double murder-suicide at the quantico training base in virginia are from the bay area. the gunman, 25-year-old sergeant lopez is from pacifica. a highly decorated marine, he served in iraq and afghanistan before becoming a trainer at quantico. his female victim, 19-year-old lance corporal sarah cast rowmatta. she was promoted to lance corporal last month. lopez also killed another person from mississippi. and nbc have learned the three were involved in a love triangle. all three worked at the officer candidates school. >>> tragedy in fairfield as an oakland boy drowns in a backyard pool. it happened about 11:30 this morning on howe court. the family had gone there to visit friends. the 7-year-old was found floating in the pool of he was pulled from the water by one of the residents who tried to revive the child by following cpr instructions from police dispatchers but the boy was pronounced dead. no foul play is suspected. >>> a 10-year-old boy is dead after a display board crash
on it. the bay area affirms its analysis of those tweets is extremely revealing. live in san francisco with more on the case and the kourts of public opinion, jean? >> reporter: jessica, a recent poll reports that just over half of americans believe same-sex marriage should be legal. >> tonight, a bay area company is analyzing a different sort of poll. and they say the results are surprising. >>> the arguments before the u.s. supreme court about california's same-sex marriage ban are over. the marriage equality supporters are standing together on a historic day. >> i feel optimistic. >> the mayor and amanda aren't the only ones talking about the case. social media is buzzing with opinions from supporters and opponents. >> we're seeing an overwhelmingingly high conversation today. more conversation today than any day in the past 2 1/2 years for terms related to gay marriage. >> topsy labs in san francisco analyzes tweets. by 5:00 tuesday evening, more than 800,000 people tweeted about same-sex marriage. the majority are supported. topsy says it's a surprising and revealing result. >> du
. newsome kick started the marriage equality debate nine years ago. then mayor of san francisco, he issued marriage licenses to same sex couples. >> there was not a democrat out there that was supportive of same second marriage. it is remarkable how far both parties have come. now you have 80 republican that's just signed off on a similar brief yesterday. >> reporter: a new field poll said 61% of californians now approve of marriage equality. a shift from 2008 when voters approved prop 8 by 52%. the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments from supporters and opponents of prop 8 in march. >> we'll be there at the supreme court. i'll be there at the supreme court. >> reporter: the san francisco city attorney dennis herrera has argued for marriage equality for the last nine years before more than 50 judges. now he along with a team of attorneys are preparing to make the case for equal protection under the law before the nation's highest court. >> be prepared to make your case to all nine justices, that thing are unpredictable and you'll to have argue the law. >> reporter: herrera said support
of its own officers has pulled the trigger. tonight an officer involved shooting in san francisco. this is near the intersection of george court and engle street in the hunter's point neighborhood. a suspect was hurt and taken to the hospital. no word yet on that person's condition. . ? venezuelan officials are calling for peace and unity after the death of hugo chavez. it is in the middle of the night there but mourners are still gathered to mourn chavez who lost his battle with cancer. his death ignited riots in the deeply divided country and inspired vigils and debate in the bay area. stephanie spoke with local venezuelans about the future of that country and its relationship with the u.s. ibuápr" the political rift in venezuela has kept him from returning home after hugo chavez became president 14 years ago. >> he is like a clown. a bad imitation of chavez. >> reporter: he is talking about nicholas maduro. chavez' successor. he is worried it will prevent opposition supporters from reporting. >> people immediately disappeared. >> reporter: less than two miles away in the missi
was planning to walk. many hope it is a progressive approach. terry mcsweeney is live in san francisco. named after st. francis of assisi as well, terry. >> here in san francisco, as progressive a city as you're going to find. there's concern about pope francis. in the past he's taken a strong anti-gay marriage stance. never shown any interest in having women as priests. still, those with concerns are takes heart in the fact that he took the name francis, named after st. francis. catholicism's most beloved and passionate saint. >> hail mary, full of grace -- >> for the first time, the wednesday evening rosary was said with the namesake as pope. >> by choosing the name francis, the new pope may be signalling to us that he wants to see the church return to a more simple -- a more pristine understanding of the gospel. >> susan fox is a lifelong catholic and member of the women's order nation conference. which for decades has worked to bring some of the 600 million catholic women into the churches of power. priests, bishops, cardinals, she like many others are hoping for a more progressive spirit
and marched here to san francisco's city hall making a lot of noise along the way, letting members of the u.s. supreme court know their future is in the court's hands. hundreds of marriage equality supporters rally in city hall in san francisco. urging supreme courts to rule in favor of prop 8. >>> a march covered two city blocks. >> we got married 2004, got it validated, we were lucky enough to get married again in 2008. >> reporter: together for 21 years, mark and scott say they are marching to remind the supreme court justices they should be treated equally in the law. >> if i'm in the hospital and i got the wrong nurse, they won't let him in. so this has to pass to give us the kind of rights we deserve. >> while hundreds of families rally, many couples have traveled to washington, d.c. to be on the supreme court steps while their future is debated. >> this feels like our date with history. >> on facetime from d.c., john lewis and stewart gafney say it's amazing to see people camped out in the freezing cold hoping to hear the historic arguments in person. tonight, they are feeling the po
force to take animals. several weeks ago, we asked san francisco's airport how many times it has shot and killed birds but we have yet to hear back with numbers. we will let you know when we do. by the way, it's not just birds that pose a problem. we found collisions between airplanes and skunks at all three airports and collisions with bats, jack rabbits and even foxes at area airports. >>> and if you have a tip for investigateive unit, give us a call. or send us an e-mail to the unit. >> this just in, a teenager with the mental capacity of a 3-year-old is missing in brentwood he was last seen riding a purple tricycle, he is 5'7", 230 pounds. last seen wearing a blue t-shirt, shorts and a helmet. >> it's often that violent crimes catch the attention of the media but home burglaries and auto thefts have been prevalent. >> well, terry, good evening, there have been 130 property crimes just since the beginning of the year. and some home owners are taking matters into their own hands. >> i ran to pick up the kids and i was entriesed to take them to lunch and i left it here. >> heather le
. >> reporter: and the program director of dbl investors should know. the san francisco-based venture capital firm is backing five oakland tech companies and hopes to find others to invest in. >> the more that we see oakland in a positive light, the more companies are going to choose to locate in oakland. and grow in oakland. >> oakland is quietly becoming a breeding ground for successful start-ups, giving birth to a revolution in everything from food to online music. streaming music by pandora had its best days as a publically traded company last week. revolution now delivers 120,000 deals daily. thanks to its central location of oakland. >> the city, county and state have made it a positive business climate. it's the enterprise zone. and, as such, our company can take advantage of the business incentives. >> the national venture capital association ranks the top u.s. cities for young tech companies in 2012. oakland ranks 11th. san jose and san francisco tops the list. no surprise there. but the high cost of rent is making other areas like oakland more attractive. >>> another note, oakland h
-old boy killed on a racetrack near sacramento last weekend. >>> plus, a first for san francisco police. they say they have never caught this many people vandalizing property like this before. >>> and we'll hear from the winners of today's oakland marathon. why the men's division champ waved off congratulations. >>> and we had nice weather for that to wrap up the weekend. and as you head back to work or school tomorrow morning, you'll find low clouds, a little bit of mist out there as the marine layer sweeps back. in we do, though have, bigger changes in the seven-day forecast, which will toss some spring showers our way. we'll show you when we come right back. >>> more incidents and more airlines getting fined. >> there is no resolution. >> the loophole that allows airlines to underreport missing pets. the investigative unit monday at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. >>> a new tribute unveiled today for the victims of the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. the dedication took place at the bethany presbyterian church right after palm sunday services. community members painted the mural dep
. look at san francisco and oakland. this is mainly a south bay and santa cruz rain event. notice the areas of yellow and orange still from officially areas down toward san jose and down toward the southwest. all of these locations picking up about a third of an inch of rain. livermore seeing some snow. it's pretty interesting about this moisture. it's going east to west. if you're going to travel to los angeles tomorrow, that might get shut down. so for the bay area, hour by hour, we'll see widespread moderate rain transitioning to some skaterred showers. i still think areas around san jose and river more may see a few showers earlier in the rain. things are clearing out and warming up big time for the weekend. >> it was an emotional good-bye today for those two fae fallen police officers. >> it was a powerful day filled with tears, a little laughter and respect. we were reminded of the the thin, blue line that sprats criminals from police officers. and that a little positive impact can go a long way. >> the flag-draped coffins were placed by two police cars. governor brown and c
. >> you may have spotted a few tv crews around san francisco. director tweeted this picture showing the cast about a boy on the streets. the show in the bay found the book in the 199 9d movie who has counted friends in a boy and his single mom. both versions were set in london, but this is going to be set in san francisco. the show will debut in the fall. >> there's three people missing in that picture. >> we'll be their neighbors. >> the cooky neighbors. >> thanks so much for joining us. have a great night. >> bye, bye. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- kim kardashian, from "the today show" willie geist, the music of imagine dragons, and april fools pranks. and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions by vitac ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much. welcome to "the tonight show." nice to have you here. thank you. very kind. listen to this, folks -- [ cheers and applause ] oh, my gosh. listen to this. have
's posey signing the blue i love buster pillow. >>so >>some. >> reporter: reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> jean, thanks for much. >>> hundreds of parents and neighbors came together today to try to save the life of a boy with leukemia. finding a match is more challenging for him because he's his p hispanic. >>> you cannot take on a loan. fired apparently over religion, so he went to get help from college students. >> he spent decades working in i.t. in silicon valley. >> i was on unemployment for two years. >> two years went by, smoothly, he says. but then his boss chaked his schedule to include working the only day he said he told them would always be off limits. saturday. >> i don't work on saurds, it's my provin my. >> as long as i provided him with a letter from my pastor. >> if i was written up three times, i would be terminated. just weeks later, he was officially fired. >> it was cut off like that. >> so he decided to sue. the company embraces diversity. >>> he went to stanford. jim soney, stepped in representing them pro bono. >> you kind of realize without a
. >> just in tonight, police in san francisco found what they have been looking for. an assault rifle like this one that was stolen from one of the department's own vehicles. someone broke into an unmarked car in the soma district and moments ago officers announced they recovered the ar 15. tomorrow they are expected to release more information about the theft and the recovery. also new at 11:00, was it a case of mistaken identity? friends, family and teachers say yes. a young man shot and killed in campbell is the city's first homicide in more than five years. no one including police seem to know why someone wanted to kill the former football player. nbc joins us from campbell this evening. >> reporter: in the past hour, a number of friends stopped by the corner not too far from where richard vega died and is not used to experience something like this. this was the first since 2007. grief stricken and heartbroken, a tough private moment right at the spot where he was gunned down. tonight more hugs than tears as 150 former classmates at santa clara high remembered and reflected, but also w
] that was tough. that was tough. people in san francisco haven't been this disappointed since "sex and the city" went off the air. there're so disappointed. [ laughter ] well, congratulations to coach harbaugh. congratulations to him and -- to coach harbaugh, better luck next time. okay, so -- [ laughter ] [ applause ] and, of course, everybody's talking about the real winner
breaks in that, but it's thickened up near oakland. it's more of a high fog in downtown san francisco. you head to the golden gate bridge and we're socked in with cloud cover. you only can see a few hundred feet in front of you. drivers have their windshield wipers on, with a little bit of moisture getting squeezed out. for tomorrow morning, we'll see a few chances of scattered showers. widespread cloud cover for everyone at 5:00, 6:00, and 7:00 in the morning. as we head throughout the morning hours, we're not going to see much in the way of clearing here at 11:00 a.m., it's cloudy. we'll get a few breaks of sun, back to the trivalley, in the silicon valley and the peninsula, it looks clouded in here at the coastline and also for the north bay. with the cloud cover in place, we'll hold temperatures in the mid to upper 40s for most of the bay, not too bad of a start, by the afternoon, daytime highs will be topping out very similar to today. we're not going to see too many changes in the upper level atmosphere, that will mean san jose will go with a high of 68. walnut creek close to 70
, almost half an inch. san francisco, less than a tenth of an inch so far. and that will holdup tomorrow. some will get the downpour and others just a trace. all the action was over the bay area and shifting over the central valley. still heavier showers here and there and around the peninsula, and still a chance of showers tonight. san mateo, woodside, san jose catching a break right now before the line pushes to the east and the tri valley running more quiet than it was a couple hours ago. here is the first band coming through. this is the break that we are watching that may give us three or four hours of not so bad weather tomorrow as the showers briefly let up. the lows that has been spinning off shore, it will move over the bay area tomorrow, that will help the increase in instability. the low will cross mid afternoon tomorrow. here is the timeframe to watch. 9:00, 10:00 in the morning. in between rain bands we suspect. isolated showers but not nearly the kind of coverage we are seeing right now, as early as mid afternoon, the heating of the day, you will see had eavie showers firin
in the 60s in san francisco but definitely a lot cooler than what we experienced today with some of that record setting heat. if you are heading up into the north bay to get a look at the petaluma national little leaguers as the opening day starts, temperatures will be in the low 50s at 10:00 a.m. and mid-60s by the noon hour. some sun and also clouds out there today helping them to celebrate that 2012 season where they did make it to the world series and getting them ready for 2013. if you want more information you can go to out to pinky's pizza and they have some great food. so if you're doing a little car trip out there to see relatives or kids on the team. as you see throughout wednesday, rain returns with temperatures in the 50s. so big-time changes coming our way next week. >> those little leaguers are quite the celebrities. >> they are so well spoken -- >> really sweet. >> great guys. >> coming up, see your facebook news feed filled with complaints. the changes coming to facebook and when to expect them. >>> plus, buster posey, cover boy. find out whi
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